31 October, 2013

Happy Halloween

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16 October, 2013

The Wet Bar

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Every year as the holiday season approaches, I find myself looking for ways to enhance our entertaining spaces and collections.  One of the prime entertaining spaces in my house is the bar counter that separates the kitchen from the living room.  It is where the guests always gather as I'm preparing the food in the kitchen and where my husband often enjoys a pre-dinner cocktail.  Although it is not technically a wet bar (since it doesn't contain a sink),  I like to treat it as one.  This is one of the few places I can furnish for adults only. Although lately my 3 year old son Leo enjoys climbing up on the bar stools to order his snacks and beverages from me since I'm often standing on the other side prepping dinner. 

When we first moved into our home 3 years ago, we had so many spaces to furnish that I neglected this special area.  But I now realize it is one of those small spaces that can make a big impact if accessorized the right way.  It is central to our main living areas and it is one of the few places I don't have to make child friendly.  So, as our shopping list of "big items" gets smaller and smaller, my list of accessories is getting bigger and bigger.  I've put together an inspiration board for myself and now will begin the search for great bar accessories and glassware.  And I will soon be posting a few more chic bar accessories I've come across.  Do you have any small spaces in your house that can have a big impact if given the attention it deserves? 

11 October, 2013

Working In Style

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As I'm busy shopping for the perfect desk accessories for my two desks at home, I thought I would share some of the chic desk accessories I've discovered.  As far as I'm concerned, if you have to sit at a desk and work, it might as well be a beautiful desk.  Have a great weekend!

09 October, 2013

For The Love of Color: Emerald Green

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I've always been drawn to rooms with dramatic color.  Strong colors, whether used in abundance or as an accent, can really give an interior a distinguished look.  For those of us who are not afraid to commit to color, painting the walls, ceiling or millwork a bold color can easily make for a space with a custom look.  If you are hesitant to make such a commitment, you can accomplish the same thing by adding pops of color with accents.  For an even more dramatic look, pair a strong color with an unexpected accompaniment such as a metallic or another strong color.

One of my favorite colors is emerald green.  I find this rich jewel tone can add flair to a room like no other color.  I love when it is used in contrast to a neutral or black and white palette. Or when paired with gold, silver or other jewel tones.  It is one of those colors that adds a brilliant quality to both traditional and contemporary spaces.  And it works in just about any room in the house.

While I dream of one day having my very own emerald green office, I will settle with adding some of these fabulous emerald accessories to my life.  What color would you like to bring more of into your life?

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04 October, 2013

How To Create The Perfect Workspace

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As I began this new journey as a blogger, I soon realized I need to set up a proper workspace.  The first thing I did, which is the first thing I always do when starting a new design project, is make a list of all the things I need for the space to function properly.  Once I have a clear vision of how a space needs to function I can start dreaming of how to make it beautiful.  I usually do this by collecting images and building an inspiration board (examples above).  This is my time to be creative and let my imagination run wild, not worrying about limitations such as dimensions and budget.  Once my vision is clear, I can begin shopping for the right pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories that fit my look as well as my room size restrictions and budget. 

Through this process, I decided it is best I have two workspaces in my house.  One I will call the "stylish desk", which is my personal space for organizing photos, recipes and other things I gather for work and inspiration.  This desk will be decorated with things I love.  And I would like it to remain free of all the clutter that quickly builds with a husband and two small children.  The other space will be called the "working desk" which is the one in my family room that I share with my husband.  And the one I spend most of my time at.  This desk will be less about style and more about function.  But still beautiful of course! 

Do you have any great tips for setting up the perfect workspace?  I would love to hear them.  Please stop back to see more great desk accessories and photos of my workspaces I will soon be posting. 

01 October, 2013

Hello, and welcome to Decorating My Life!

I'm glad you decided to join me.  I'm so fortunate to have a loving and supportive husband and two beautiful sons in my life, who are the inspiration behind everything I do.  I'm always dreaming of ways to make our home and lives more decorated and beautiful.  I decided to start this blog so I can share my findings and design sense with others.  And in the process I hope to inspire you to decorate your life too!