29 November, 2013

Little Spaces: Imagination at Play

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As the mother of two young boys, I'm often creating spaces in our house that will encourage imaginary play.  Maybe it's the decorator in me, but I feel quite strongly that children are affected by their surroundings and when put in a creative space, their imagination will start to run wild.  Not all children are destined to be the next Monet or Picasso, but I think most enjoy getting messy with paints and glue at some point.  As my 3 year old son Leo is starting to show more interest in crafting, and I've realized how much he can actually learn from it, I've been working on creating a space in our home that encourages him to sit down and express his artistic side whenever he gets the whim.  Here are a few amazing children's spaces I've come across that will certainly inspire young imaginations.  And some great art tables that are available to help you create the perfect space for your children no matter how big or small of an area you have. Let the mess begin! 

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28 November, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

| Image Via Nest of Posies |

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Eat until you can't eat anymore....

21 November, 2013

Happy Birthday To My Hubby!

| Leo's Airplane themed 3rd Birthday Dinner |

Today is my wonderful and amazing husbands birthday!  Although he is not one to make a big deal of his birthday,  the boys and I love parties and look forward to celebrating him on his special day.  We decided we will have a party this weekend when we all have more time to enjoy each other.  According to Leo, a party is not a party without cake and balloons.  So we will be sure to have them during our celebration on Sunday.  And maybe even party hats too! 

Happy Birthday My Love!

15 November, 2013

How To Make Cooking A Turkey More Enjoyable

| Mixing Bowls | Mixer | Apple Peeler | Apron | Pie Crust Cutters | Rosting Pan | Oven Mitt |

As thanksgiving quickly approaches and I get ready to cook another turkey, I've thought about some of the fancy (and stylish) tools available that I would love to have in my kitchen.  Although using these tools can't guarantee me a perfect turkey, I know I would smile while roasting the turkey in this beautiful copper roasting pan or have a blast preparing the apple pie with this fancy apple peeler and corer.  What tools would you like to have in your kitchen this thanksgiving?  Here are a few on my wish list.

13 November, 2013

Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

| Soup Bowl | Placecard Holder | Gravy Boat | Candlesticks | Flatware | Tumbler | Turkey Platter | Napkins | Pie Dish | Carving Set | Napkin Rings |

One of my favorite moments of thanksgiving day is seeing the dining table beautifully set with the whole turkey in the center just before it is carved.  Although I'm usually a bit frazzled after trying to get the turkey and dressings on the table at the same time all piping hot and perfectly cooked, I like to take a moment to enjoy the well thought out table setting and lovingly prepared meal that our family will soon enjoy.  This year I'm very excited to have the addition of a beautiful Carrol Boyes gravy boat my mother-in-law sent me from South Africa as an early Christmas present.  And I'm hoping I can add an olive wood carving set and chic metallic napkins to compliment our flatware.  Is there anything on your wish list to set the table with this year?