03 January, 2014

For the Love of Color: Indigo

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In a previous FOR THE LOVE OF COLOR post I talked about my love of Emerald Green.  As much as I love emerald green, I don't have the same strong feelings for other shades of green like I do for the rich jewel tone emerald.  One color that I do love in all its various shades and intensities is blue.   I'm not alone with this. Blue is overwhelmingly considered the most favorable color of both men and women.  When I imagine how I would decorate my dream house (as I often do), I always envision shades of blue used throughout the rooms.  I find it to be a soothing and serene color that is both masculine and feminine.  And being that I live in a house with 3 boys, I need to consider all of us when choosing colors.   I'm currently decorating with lots of blue in our home here in Cayman and I don't think I will tire of it very easily if ever. 

Indigo, a very intense shade of blue, is a great color to decorate with.  Just like emerald green, it can have a strong impact whether used in large quantities or in small bits as an accent.  If used as the only color in a room along with white, it will create a very bold and graphic look.  It also pairs easily with other bold colors and mixes with most metals and natural finishes.  It works well in very modern spaces and creates an extra special dynamic when used in traditional spaces.  So tell me, are you feeling blue?  I know I am.  Here are a few indigo items on my living room wish list...

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